WP Superheroes

Graphic Design, Marketing, & Brand Development

WP Superheroes is a WordPress support, maintenance, Internet company that specializes in Digital Marketing, Branding, and SEO.

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The Beginning:

I joined the startup at the very beginning when there were only four of us. Ryan is the founder of WP Superheroes and came to us with the idea of starting a superhero themed WordPress Internet company. We thought he had an amazing idea and we were determined to bring his idea to life.

The Approach:

I had the amazing opportunity to help brand and design for the company. I helped write and design content for the website and social.

The Impact:

The website was better than we had hoped and we had new clients in no time that needed our WordPress expertise. It was an amazing opportunity to build a company from an idea and I was humbled to be part of the experience. However, I sadly left the company about 3 months after the launch when I moved to Washington, D.C. to work as a graphic designer at GMMB.

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