Washington Health Campaign

Graphic Design & Marketing

Washington Health Care Plan Finder is a state-operated website that allows residents of Washington to shop for and to sign up for medical insurance with a private insurance company.

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The Brief:

When the United States health care funding was cut in 2017 it was difficult for Americans to find a health care plan that was right for them. Washington Health came to us at GMMB to help market their health care finder tool and help the people of Washington find affordable health care that was right for them financially.

The Approach:

The campaign had one goal: to get people of Washington to sign up for affordable health insurance. We wanted to let people know that there is a very helpful tool available to compare different plans and select the one that is perfect for them. We came up with ads focused around the idea that you don't have to guess when you can get a plan that works for you. I designed ads with a magic-eight ball, tarot cards, and a quarter, saying that you didn't have to choose at random. We targeted the people of Washington by doing a Seattle Times takeover, Facebook ads, Yahoo full page ad, and more.

The Impact:

Working with Washington Health Plan Finder helped reduce in uninsured rate in Washington by more than 60 percent. Today, more than 1.7 million people in Washington get their health coverage through the Washington Health Plan Finder.