Psylin Therapy

Website Design, Development, and Rebrand

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to design and develop a website for a psychologist, Chris Carlin, based out of Kansas City, MO, USA. Chris is the sole proprietor and practitioner of Psylin Therapy with steady clientele. Not only was his old website difficult to navigate, it also lacked the voice and brand recognition he wanted it to have. We created a brand and voice together for his website and a reason for people to choose him for counseling and therapy.

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The Brief:

After our initial meeting I was able to get a better idea of his brand and what he envisioned his website to be: modern, slick, easy to navigate, and centered around nature. Chris is an avid cyclist and wanted his website to reflect his connection with the outdoors.

The Approach:

Mood boards - I started off the project by showing him mood boards that consisted of nature-heavy color palettes, images of the outdoors, bold fonts, relaxing photos, and other website examples.

Site map - The site map helped him get an idea of where all the information would be placed on the website. This became the backbone of the website as we used the site map to help organize how the user flows through the website.

Wireframes - Once I designed the wireframes it became clear to him how the website would flow. Wireframes are very important as they act as a guide for the designer and developer and help organize the information for the client and designer.

Mock Ups - I created the mock ups on Illustrator. They were able to show Chris almost exactly how the website would look. I spent some time here experimenting with different fonts and colors, but was able to narrow it down so that Chris would have an earthy color palette and a slick, modern font for his website.

Photoshoot - Chris and I met a few times to take photos of his office. We even went to a national park to take pictures of him surrounded by nature.

Development - Once the mock ups were approved I was able to start developing the website using my knowledge in HTML, CSS, and best SEO practices. We emailed back and forth every day to update each other on the process of the website.

The Impact:

The result was a beautiful, modern and slick website with a colorful, user-friendly design that shows his personality. The website is strategically set up so the user experiences multiple pages before landing on the final contact page to send a secure and private message to Chris. His clients are loving all the information he has to offer on his new website and are glad they can get the help they need in counseling.

Visit the Psylin, Inc. website.