Pizza Colóre

Website Design & Development

Pizza Colóre is a pizza parlor on Pearl St. in Boulder, Colorado. Before the owner, Dan, came to me about working together they didn't have a website. The restaurant would get calls mistaking it for another pizza place in Boulder. They would get people calling in about lasagna when they didn't have it on their menu. It was a disaster and quite annoying for the workers.

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The Brief:

When I first met with Dan from Pizza Colóre, I was very excited because this would be the start of my freelance career. I was still in college at the time and very new to designing and developing a website. The meetings went great and he didn't want anything crazy or flashy; just a simple, clean website with his menu, hours, location, and pictures.

The Approach:

The most important part of developing this website was that it had to be mobile-friendly. Most people are not by a computer when they are out and about and will search on their phones to find a bite to eat. The second most important part was it needed to have a great SEO ranking to beat out competitors.

Since most people visit a restaurant's website to either look at the menu or see if they are open, I knew that I wanted to keep the website very simple and easy to navigate. Because of this I made the website only two pages. One page with all of the information you need and another page that had a gallery to browse photos of delicious food.

The Impact:

The result was better than I had expected. The website gained a lot of views from people roaming around Boulder in search of a good slice of pizza. The website gets around 600-800 users per month and 65% of these users are visiting the website on their mobile phones.

Visit the Pizza Colóre website.