Park Rentals

Website Design & Development

Park Rentals is a rental property company in Boulder, CO. I rented from Park Rentals for two years. When she was searching for new tenants to fill my place after I were to leave, I noticed that she was having a difficult time attracting new tenants. After digging a bit deeper, I noticed that her website needed some work.

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The Brief:

The website was written only in HTML. The pictures were messy and it was hard to understand. She wanted a clean website that showed the place in detail. Professional photos, an outline of the building, and an easy way for potential tenants to contact her.

A snapshot of the old website:

The Approach:

Park Rentals only owned and operated two buildings. One with three units and another with four units. I split up the website into two sections. The Goss building and the Grove building. Potential tenants could look at both buildings and also the pros and cons of each unit in that building.

You can also view photos and an outline of each unit in the building.

The Impact:

The website made it easier for potential tenants to look over the house before meeting her for a viewing. The outline of each unit laid out the foundation and was easy to visualize the space. Since some units had features that others did not, the pros and cons list made it easy for potential tenants to get to know the different units.

Visit the Park Rentals website.