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Graphic Design & Brand Development

MAKE is full-service marketing agency that creates creative and intriguing campaigns for brands that want to MAKE a difference. The agency works across traditional and digital channels to help companies exceed expectations way beyond the barriers they're faced with inside their organization every day.

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The Brief:

While working as a designer at MAKE Digital Group in Kansas City, MO, I had the opportunity to work on the brand and develop brand guidelines and infographics for the agency.

The Approach:

At first I thought about designing a regular-sized booklet for the brand guidelines, but I didn't want our guidelines to be sitting on a bookshelf and go unnoticed. Instead, I wanted to design something that would be able to hang from a wall and be easy to reference. I decided to design a 24x36 inch poster. Additionally, I made little handy booklets that I cut out and gave to everyone to keep at their desks.

The Impact:

The agency appreciated the gesture and loved the idea of having our guidelines up on the wall. MAKE Digital Group is proud of their brand and wanted it to show. As for the booklets, they made it easy for new employees to reference the agency’s fonts, colors, and logos. They are now included in every new employee’s gift basket.