Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch

Website Design and Rebrand

Located in rural Missouri, there is a farm with lots of fun things to do. It's called: The Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch. It's open every Fall and there is always something going on at the farm. Whether you want to pet the farm animals, pick out pumpkins, or get lost in the corn maze, the fun never stops.

We initially were tasked to build out a new website for Fun Farm, but after they saw the unique and creative work we were doing we ended up designing social posts, billboards, t-shirts, mugs, hats, and more.

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The Brief:

Fun Farm is very popular throughout Missouri and Kansas, but their website was not. It lacked the energy and playfulness that Fun Farm provides. It was filled with stock imagery, random cheesy vectors of animals, and an unclear color palette and theme. It was clear that Fun Farm needed help expressing themselves online. At first, Fun Farm came to MAKE Digital Group in need of a new website, but in the end they got a complete rebrand.

The Approach:

We wanted the Fun Farm website to look professional, but also have a playful aesthetic. We decided to use less photos and create vector graphics for the icons and backgrounds. We distorted the vector art slightly to give it a more cartoony vibe. The client really loved the work we did and wanted us to keep going. So we made merch, social media posts, billboard signs, stickers and more.

The Impact:

The impact was seen in the increase in traffic on their site and ticket sales to the farm. We created a clean, creative, and easy-to-navigate site with a fun aesthetic that is easily recognizable.

Visit the Fun Farm website.