Billy, a folk-punk band

Graphic Design

Billy is a band from Boulder, Colorado. Inspired by the likes of Buffalo Bill, Clint Eastwood, and Billy the Kid. Billy combines a punk rock sensibility with a cowboy style to make spaghetti western cow-punk.

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My Part:

While living in Boulder, CO I was in a band with a few friends from the University of Colorado. The band was called Billy, inspired by Billy the Kid, a western outlaw from the 1800s. I was a drummer for the band and also helped design posters, shirts, cassette tapes, stickers, and the CD covers.

About the Band:

This was such an amazing band to be a part of and it was great playing gigs with the band. I designed a few posters to help market a few big gigs we played as a band. Along with playing at gigs, house parties around Boulder, we also had the opportunity to play at Radio1190, the student-run radio station on the University of Boulder's campus.

The Design:

Since the band had a spaghetti western feel to it we decided to play off of the old Marlboro ads featuring a cowboy smoking a cigarette. The CD insert featured a canyon landscape with all of the lyrics available to read.