BCCM Construction Group

Graphic Design & Brand Development

BCCM Construction Group is a full-service general contractor based in Kansas City, MO with a nationwide presence. They specialize in commercial construction, renovation, and restoration.

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The Brief:

While working as a designer at MAKE Digital Group in Kansas City, MO, the copywriter and I were in charge of rebranding the construction company to its core. We were tasked to rewrite their entire brand including mission statement, promise. purpose, color palette, logo usage, and more.

The Approach:

This was a massive project for the copywriter and I. We spent weeks working on this together and had what seemed like hundreds of revisions from the client and the agency. The copywriter worked mainly on the copy, while I worked to bring those words to life with organization, imagery, colors, and shapes.

The Impact:

The end product turned out to be a 35 page brand message booklet and a several page brand guidelines booklet. BCCM was thrilled with the rebranding. It helped the employees have a better understanding of who they are and what they believe as a company. They would stand by these principles and strive to provide the best quality work and go above and beyond for their clients. This was given to every employee at the company to reference.